Logic Pro Vaporizer Kit

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The first step to start vaping is to purchase the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System Starter Kit. Logic Pro Starter kit comes with a metallic vaping pen and a rechargeable battery, a USB charger and wall charger. Convenient and simple.

Logic Pro Advanced Vapor Systems is the latest most sophisticated eLiquid vaporizer on the market. The patent pending disposable capsule technology allows you to enjoy the same great Logic flavors and have more of the fulfilling vaping experience provided by Logic ecigs. Simple and safe, the intelligent lock system stops accidental activation. It offers you “grab and go” convenience and spillage safety; you can take a refill capsule with you when you travel to make sure you don’t run out.

Logic Pro Vaporizer produces much more vapor than Logic ecigs and it feels “fuller”. So if you prefer that fuller smoking experience, then vaping with the Logic Pro Vaporizer should be your pick.

 This item works exclusively with the logic pro series liquid capsules. 


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