What makes Electronicpuffs different?

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It looks and feels like a  tobacco cigarette. There are claims that it offers smokers less health risks than tobacco. It operates like a portable humidifier. An LED battery activates the heat producing device to convert a solution of vegetable glycerin and nicotine to vapor. No long term research has been done to determine the health effects of using electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco smoke has been proven to contain toxins,carcinogen, andother poisonous chemicals {tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, acetone, carbon monoxide} all of which are absent from electronic cigarettes.

According to claims made, it will not yellow fingers and discolor teeth, the ingredients that do this in tobacco are absent from E-Cigs.

There are no passive smokers or second hand smoke present. There is no smoke. There is no odor. There is no real flame only a light that turns on at every puff taken. Presently, there are no legal regulations, preventing you from smoking E-Cigs anywhere socially in most states

All of our products are factory sealed from the manufacturer. Due to the nature of the product we do not accept anyproduct returns or give refunds. Please contact us with any questions before placing your order

We process the orders as soon as we receive them during business hours. Electronicpuffs will not add any additional charges to your account at anytime once the transaction is completed