22nd Dec 2015

Still satisfying 5 Star Review

Posted by Amy on 7th Dec 2015

After a disappointing experience with Logic (quality control issues) I tried the Logic Pro. Great flavor, easy to use, charge and transport. I occasionally get a bum cartridge but it happens infrequently. Satisfies my nicotine addiction at a reasonable price.

Best I have had so far 5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2015

I used eCigs to quit smoking. I tried all varieties available and settled on one brand of eCig, and quit tobacco cigarettes. I tried Logic Pro when the stores quit carrying my brand of eCig (discontinued), and I am now a big fan. The flavor is good, loading is easy and quick, charging is simple (I keep a charger and extra batteries in my purse and charge via USB) and it's within my budget. I occasionally get a few faulty cartridges, that bubble but refuse to work, and they can leak if not kept upright in my purse. The design turned me off at first, I guess because of the size in part, and because it sorta reminded me of a "mini-bong". That's the reason I don't use vaporizers (drug connotations). I really like this product and will continue to purchase it at this website since I cannot find it in my area. One suggestion I could offer is to make a cable so I could charge batteries via my smart phone since I am on the go so much.

Not too bad 4 Star Review

Posted by Bob on 7th Jul 2015

Comparing Logic Pro to Vuse: the two brands I've used:
Charging: I like VUSE better, charges quicker, (about 1 hour) the Logic Pro holds a charge longer but not much longer, very long time to charge the Logic Pro, (about three hours). Both simple to charge
Convenience: At work I use VUSE, it's about the size of a pen, fits nice in my shirt pocket, Logic Pro too bulky to bring to work.
Logic Pro capsules vs VUSE Cartridges: Logic Pro capsules last a little longer and the price is less expensive. What I pay: $1.90 for each Logic Pro capsule and $3.18 per Vuse Cartridge. I can obtain coupons for Vuse, can't find any for Pro Logic coupons; still with Vuse coupons they are still slightly more expensive than Logic Pro. I can only find two different types of Vuse cartridges and four different types of Pro Logic capsules. Logic Pro delivers more vapor. Both need to step up and offer a larger variety, if they do I haven't seen them.
I use both and haven't stopped buying either one. Logic Pro has a better taste but has a bad plastic taste when the capsule is about empty. Sometimes if you tilt the Logic Pro upwards some liquid leaks out. Vuse cartridges don't leak but I've had one or two cartridges fail. Price Logic Pro wins hands down. Convenience Vuse wins hands down. I usually use the Logic Pro around the house and switch to Vuse when I go to work and when I have to charge the Logic Pro; I try to charge it at night when I go to bed but sometimes it needs to be charged other times. Not fond of the Logic Pro charging. Never tried vapes that needed to be manually loaded with liquid, don't think I would want to bother either however the varieties of fluid flavors could possibly sway me. Both Vuse and Logic Pro fall short on offering flavor varieties.

effortless and tasty vapor 5 Star Review

Posted by chris on 23rd Jun 2015

I've been using tanks for a while but logic has gotten it right! No drips and very easy refill, never ever tastes like burnt cloth. I will be sticking with these and the price is great.

what a difference 5 Star Review

Posted by Aileen on 22nd May 2015

Thank you so much for suggesting that we move to the Logic Pro vaporizer. It is a huge improvement over the Logic Power series which we had been using and had become very dissatisfied with the poor quality control and uneven performance.

Logic Rechargeable the BEST! 5 Star Review

Posted by Lynnie on 23rd Jul 2014

This is my first experience buying Logic Power Series Rechargeable Gold Label Menthol from I will definitely return. The product is as stated and expected. Shipping was speedy. Price point is excellent. Will continue doing business here! Thank you!

Great Service 5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2014

enjoy the flavor and appreciate the speedy delivery!

Product and Service are great 5 Star Review

Posted by AS on 17th Mar 2015

Product delivers a very satisfying menthol experience. The speedy delivery and great prices are most appreciated.

Logic Review 5 Star Review

Posted by Mrs B  on 7th Apr 2015

This product - the starter kit and the refills - work well in providing a non-tobacco alternative.

Great prices and speedy delivery are another bonus

quality control needed 3 Star Review

Posted by Aileen on 13th May 2015

the quality control on the logic product line has diminished in the 18 months I have been using the product. The first year there was no problem. In the last six months I have had several refills that were duds and one rechargeable that was a dud. The refills don't seem to last as long as that had originally and the rechargeable also doesn't seem to last as long - even the newer ones I purchased. On the other hand - when I called and explained the situation I received a replacement with my next order which was delivered, as usual, quickly.

Logic E-cigs, my new brand. 4 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2015

I used to use the NUVO ecigs. They changed their formula. I tried many other products, all were awful. I bought a Logic ecig at a convenience store and knew immediately I had found my new brand. They are consistent, last far longer than the NUVO's, and the batteries keep a charge for about 6-8 hours. I am very happy with the Logics.

Logic series is great 4 Star Review

Posted by shaun on 8th Feb 2015

thanks for the prompt service and low prices